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Have you been assigned to manage a project or are you working in a project as a team member?
You probably heard about project management, how do you structure the project, how do you plan your project effectively and how do you take control over the project executing?

  How able are you to establish the project scope and plan for managing the project schedule, cost, quality?
How do you measure progress and performance against those constraints?

As the business environment grows more competitive, companies found it important to take on an increasing number of projects. Unfortunately, they often don’t have skilled project managers to handle their projects properly. In our website, you will learn and practice the most important procedures, techniques and you will gain the knowledge that have been proven necessary for project management success. You’ll cover the essential aspect of managing projects.
While aligned with a Guide for Project Management Body of knowledge PMBOK Guide 6th edition. We focus on the practical application of concepts. You’ll return to work with the knowledge and tools you need to get your projects started right and completed successfully.

You will know how to lead predictive or adaptive projects to success.
You will learn how to manage your project risks effectively.

Through 3 major courses:

Online interactive courses.

Through virtual classrooms, interactive sessions are held to explain and review most important topics and practice on sample questions.

On- demand videos.

Complete course explanation in detail helps our students deeply understand and gain valuable knowledge to be ready for the exam.

Exam simulator.

Our sample questions are carefully prepared to be very close to what you may see in the real exam and categorized into: Exams by chapter - Exams by domain - Full length exams.

A leader of project management in the middle east.

Students of many universities in many countries in the middle east depend on our exams to deeply understand project management.
It is not just a certification. It is our responsibility towards the PMP community in the middle east.
Our goal is to influence the PMP community in the middle east to enhance the level of understanding and increase the skills required for projects success.
Join our community in https://sswls.com and achieve your goal of deep understanding.

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